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Our Strengths...

OUR VALUES – Reliability & Authenticity.
INNOVATION in bringing our sales and services –from discussion to implementation to customer support

INSIGHT & VISION to foresee industry trend and retain competitive edge in technology.

QUALITY PRODUCT, continuous improvement, pro active approach, courtesy, timely response and accuracy brings in total customers’ satisfaction

REGIONAL ADVANTAGE – Being situated at the heart of Electronic Hub of Mumbai.

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What we are...

Being one of the early venture to be incorporated in 1992 in growing electronic and digital India, when computers were luxury, Jayshree Electronics have evolved and have been growing steadily.

We sell a whole range of high end quality of Ergonomic Products, Cables, Connectors, Convertors used in networking, PC, Laptop and mobiles which forms regular requirements for your Business.


Our partners in Business value us to bring ONE STOP SOLUTION for CONNECTING their digital DEVICES.

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